Conferenza internazionale 'Security, Democracy and Cities: The Future of Prevention' - Saint-Denis, 12 - 14 Dicembre 2012

Amapola ha partecipato al panel di venerdi 12 dicembre "Safety audits, programmes and evaluation. What directions should policy makers take?" organizzato all'interno della Conferenza internazionale del Forum Europeo sulla Sicurezza Urbana.

What are the policies and actions that work? That is the question that anyone involved in prevention asks themselves. It is primarily linked to a concern for effectiveness, particularly salient in these times of economic crisis. Do the policies and actions undertaken guarantee the maximum level of security while using the minimum level of resources? To what extent can they permanently solve the issues at stake? How can prevention be established, developed and strengthened on a scientific basis? These wide-reaching questions will be dealt with by focusing on three main points: local security audits, prevention programmes and evaluation.

Chairperson: Ms. Claudia HEINZELMANN, Executive Director, DEFUS
Moderator: Mr. Frederick GROEGER-ROTH, Advisor, Crime Prevention Council of Lower Saxony, Germany
Ms. Valeria FERRARIS, Member of the Amapola Board of Directors, Italy
Mr. Dieter HERMANN, Professor of Criminology, University of Heidelberg, Germany
Ms. Ille LAMBRECHT, Internal evaluator, Oostende, Belgium

Mr. Daniel SANSFACON, Executive Director, National Centre for the Prevention of Crime (CNPC), Canada
Mr. Tilmann SCHULZE, Ernst Basler + Partner, Switzerland
Mr. Maarten VAN DE DONK, Local Councillor, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Valeria Ferraris ha presentato l'esperienza del Cruscotto sulla Sicurezza Urbana della città di Torino nella zoom session di martedì 13 dicembre, con una presentazione dal titolo "The Urban Security Dashboard of the city of Turin: Better data for better policies". Scarica la presentazione